Wireless Energy Management & Smart Metering manufacturer

Use iGreen© to control, programming and measure all the electricity consumption and look deeply into running costs for all your electrical appliances:

  • Electric heating or towel rails
  • Fridge and Freezer
  • Computers and all associated peripherals
  • Immersion heaters
  • Cookers, Ovens
  • Lights
  • Washing machines
  • Industrial Machinery
  • iGreen energy management

    ... Anything that plugs into a wall socket !

    DOMESTIC version WIPPY

    Choose Wippy to have power and control over ALL your energy usage, Programmable monitors have proved to be the most effective items to help reduce electricity bills. When you know what's using all the electricity you can do something about it! Unlike other devices on the market, Intelly Green goes far beyond simply monitoring electricity consumption. You now have the ability to CONTROL and schedule ANY electrical device and heating system.These days more and more people are becoming concerned about the amount of energy that their homes are using.

    Do you know what have you use today and why? As the threat to our environment increases, we are constantly being told to reduce carbon emissions and to save as much energy as we can.However, when it comes to power programming & monitoring, what is the best way to save as much energy as possible?

    iGreen© offers an economical, proven package of industry standard methods to control heating & any electric device. A smart meter programmer that provides essential data about energy consumption at the point of use or on the main board. It allows you to program & check the power consumption.

    iGreen© Wippy (domestic)
    Gives you up to the second information on exactly how much electricity one single appliance or your whole house are using with easy to read display
    Daily Energy Consumption Graphic
    The graphic shows the consumption in KWh from 11/Oct to 20/Oct 2 years in memory (5 different graph views)

    COMMERCIAL Version
    iGreen© Pc soft provides control,
    programming & energy management to
    commercial, industrial and large
    domestic clients. We offer a full
    turnkey energy consultancy and
    installation package from concept
    to completion with one point
    of contact throughout the project.

    ZigBee is the global wireless language connecting dramatically different
    devices to work together and enhance everyday life.

    ZigBee technology is well suited to a wide range of energy management and
    efficiency, building automation, industrial, medical, home automation applications.
    They are all part of iGreen expanding Energy Management product line.